Shabby Chic Nursery

Hello hello I’m finally back, and promise to be more regular from now on!  I can’t believe I started this blog about 2 years ago, how time flies. Anyhoo, I thought I’d better put up some piccies of missy’s nursery. Mind you I took these before she was born, and before I was given a cot by a friend. Not that it makes much difference to the photos, just imagine a white cot in there too ok!  I guess I find it a bit funny right now…as we are co-sleeping, and she is in her room for nappy changes and some play time in the cot or on the floor on one of her many bunny rugs. She got so many as gifts I had to put them on a bamboo ladder!

I’ve since added some Noah’s Ark decals to the non-pine wall (haha they got lost in the pine…drowned actually! Pun intended!). And some more of those cool painted flowers sis made me.

The blue carpet is doesn’t match the carpet in the rest of the house…but that’s because the former owner had three children and they were allowed to choose their carpet colour…ah well it looks cool and refreshing!

Roses in Shabby Milk Jug Wow it has been over a year since I have visited this poor dusty blog. Ah well better late than never. And I have a really good reason…

…she is now 4 months old!!! Needless to say I have installed my painted pieces into her room, now a stylish shabbychic nursery.

I love the look of these roses in my milk jug. I don’t actually use it for milk though, I just love the look of it. Must get one of those matching milk ‘bottles’. Have also seen these jugs in various sizes in the most delicate shabby light/pale green. Mmmm.

Will post pics of the nursery as soon as I can make them post upwards not sideways! Hmmmmz…..

Here is the dining table in all its glory, hidden under js study materials. Im testing my iphone to see if i can blog from it! Looks good so far even if i cant quite see the preview pic… But ill be able to take pics and then blog them with this nifty gizmo. But the tapping of letters on this minute keyboard is a little tedious!! Ok here goes!

Table before painting

Table before painting

I was kindly given this little table after stowing a friends furniture in my garage for about 9 months. I have now painted it and am using it as a mini dining table. Unfortunately I just discovered that all the photos I have taken in the last 6 months are missing from my camera. I have my Bali trip and nothing afterwards! *Sigh*. Oh well I will take some more piccies so show you what I have been up to around the place.

Birdhouse after pic Hello, I am finally back!  Admittedly, one of the main reasons I have been slack here is because of the trauma involved in inserting photos into this blog! Honestly!!! Somehow the way it works is different and not user-friendly to me the non-techie. As you can see, I have managed to whack in some more pics, however they ended up displaying in the wrong order…*sigh*.

So anyway I thought I’d show a project that I actually finished! Mmm I’m a great starter…

Funny story about why the bird house has been positioned right outside the cat-run…Justin had great ideas about re-building it, we were going to extend it and make it the Taj-Mahal for felines, we bought all the materials, then realised that we both work in an office for a good reason! Uh – builders we ain’t.

What’s even funnier is that I work in a local councils (county) building department, and he’s in town planning there too. Hey, I never said I actually understood building and planning…I even purchased a DIY cat-run book off the net, apparently those who can’t build anything can build this. Except moi. Heck the whole thing is in imperial(US) and we work in metric over here (AUS).

So…getting to the point…yes there is one if you haven’t face-planted your keyboard yet lol…now what was that point again? Ahh yes, well we begged a post-hole digger off a mate, and after weeks of persuasion, J managed to dig a few holes. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure he used that or just used a spade before we borrowed it. But I digress…so here we were months  (years?) later down the track, with ruddy big holes in my lawn, and no construction in sight. Mowing was not fun as the grass hid the damn holes and I kept nearly twisting my ankles falling in them. (Don’t even go there about why I was doing the mowing, lets just say buying an eco-electric cordless mower on a 1/4 acre block was a baaaaad idea…my bad idea..).

So after killing the wine barrel planter (oops forgot those drainage holes), I used the soil to fill up the holes and bless those doggies of mine, they’ve dug ’em up again. And I popped the birdhouse into one of the post-holes. Patted more soil into the ground, and voila – cat-torture I mean entertainment unit live in the backyard.

Just to remind you of how sad it used to look like…and to check if you’re still awake!


Back from Holidays

A Temple at Uluwatu

A Temple at Uluwatu

I have just spent time in Bali, a beautiful tropical island in Indonesia. Oh the nasi gorengs! Yum. You can see us above at a temple in Uluwatu, the southern tip of Bali. It is also a monkey forest, and we were advised to not wear our hats or sunglasses, in case the monkeys stole them. Our guide pointed out many hats on the edge of the cliff where they had stolen them off unsuspecting tourists. It was very very bright, and it was hard to keep both eyes open for a photo!

There has been a painting binge finally, and the coffee table is now sporting a nice new cream coat. If I could just figure out how to upload photos quicker on this thing. Any tips? I’d be very grateful!

I have been working on a new, related website, hopefully this blog and the site will complement each other. It is not quite complete, but I will blog about it here as soon as it is.  I’m not a puter nerd, but am fast wanting to be! I’ve also got to add some new blogs to the blogroll which you will enjoy.

Shabbychic Tassels

Ok I am finally giving in to my tassels fetish. And my crystal door knob issues. Mmmmm. Pretty. So I decided my poor old faithful pantry needed a boost. Off I went down to my fave local ShabbyChic/French Provincial store, and started rummaging in the drawers where the crystal knobs lived. Voila! Exactly what I was looking for. What’s more, I spied a divine white tassel with pink beads in it. Perfect.

Initially the new crystal knobs didn’t look quite right, until I re-instated the silver backing from the original knobs. It finishes the look somehow. Luckily for me I guessed correctly that they would fit, so it was just a matter of unscrewing the old ones and popping the new ones on.

My food pantry now looks very shabbylicious!

Before picture of pantry before new crystal door knobs
Before picture of pantry before new crystal door knobs
After pic of pantry with new crystal door knobs & tassel

After pic of pantry with new crystal door knobs & tassel

Shabbylicious tassel

Shabbylicious tassel

I’ve been working on a vintage chic website lately, which will be a more expanded version of how to get the shabby chic look on a shoestring budget…by doing it yourself. I’ve been on a rampage with the digital camera, and thought I might show off some of the cute vintage inspired bits and bobs in my home.
All I need to go with these darling scales is a big retro electric mixer. Hey – I might even bake more..or at least I would want to..lol.
Vintage Kitchen Scales

Vintage Kitchen Scales

Although green is my favourite colour, I’m so over bottle green. My living room is small and the darkness of the couch doesn’t help. Besides, with 3 cats and 2 dogs, they (there are 2×3 sofas) need all the protection they can get.

The slipcover is getting rather worn, and one of the dogs has nibbled the buttons off the side. I had some gorgeous floral fabric that was just begging to be put to use and on display. My original intention was to make cushions for the top of an old chest, but I might turn it into a coffee table instead.

Minna on quiltAll ironed up

From the dog-bed making adventures I had some padding, and I can’t remember why I bought such a huge length of calico for, so long ago. I had a search on google for quick and easy quilts, and found a great many ideas. The end result is a lovely floral quilt to drape over the couch. Mind you, after a week of sitting on it, I realised why quilts have those..um..quilting lines in them. It’s all wrinkled now! Oh well the quilting lines can be put in another day. I thought it wasn’t a bad effort considering I can only sew in one stitch and straight lines!

At least it’s slowly all coming together!

Naked couch Sofa with slip coverNew quilt on sofa

Up close

Slowly taking shape

I decided to copy an idea and plant an olive tree and some rescued lavender into a half wine-barrel. Pooh-eee, did it smell like red wine for a while! Finally getting sick of looking at the bags of soil, and the plants struggling to survive in the summer sun, I filled ‘er up with soil, and planted away. I was remiss, and didn’t drill holes into the bottom to let the water out…I read that stones would do the trick instead. Pity I didn’t put enough in. As you will see..

Here we have the beginning of the project (having hauled the damn thing several places to make sure it was sited “just right”). And then we have the completed project…or so I thought!

Wine Barrel before planting

Wine Barrel after planting

Wine Barrel after planting close up

Well….like I said…I didn’t prepare the tub properly..it rained one day, and my plants were drowning in a few inches of water! I attempted to scoop it out, but realised the futility of this, and promptly quit. The dogs, however, were verrrrry interested in the fishy smelly water that I had dumped on the ground. I was a bit worried about was was in the soil mix, legionnaires and all, and crossed my fingers that them licking a few drops wouldn’t hurt.

No…didn’t hurt a bit..seems they loved it! A wee bit later when I went out to check on the doggies, here is what we found…

Chase after paddling in the drowning wine barrellGetting in twubble

Yes, Chase has decided it would do nicely as his new swimming pool! But I’m betting Elle egged him on!

But, I ask you…how could you get mad at this face?! 🙂

Chase grins